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Book Now

How To Book Your Appointment

1. Login into Vagaro with your given username and password.

Don't have an account with Vagaro?

Go to

Click Login at the top-right corner of the screen.

Click "Sign up now" to create a new Vagaro account.

2. Select date that you want to see me.

3. Select "New Guest Session" if you're a new guest.

If you're a loyal guest then select "Color Session".

Then proceed to choose "Session" that you want or that we have already discussed together. 

4. It will let you know if that day is available, if not when the next opening is to accommodate you for

the desired services. You can also choose to add yourself to the waitlist in case that day becomes available.

5. Proceed to submit your appointment request and enjoy the pre-visit experience!

Still not sure how to book your appointment online?

If you're unsure what to book or having a hard time finding a day/time that works for you,



You can either use the online booking form below

or click the button below to open up a new window. 

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